Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birds Never Worry

"Birds will give you a window, if you allow them.  They will show you secrets from another world, fresh vision, that though avian, can accompany you home and alter your life.  They will do this for you, even if you don't know them by name - though  much knowing is a thougthtful gesture.  They will do this for you if you watch them."  
Lyanda  Lynn Haupt,  from Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds

Observe colors in feathers.
A grackle sports a rainbow hue.

Snowy egrets grace the sky in clouds of white

Watch and listen today.

Hear their rustle in trees.

Castanets of crows, hummingbird
clicks, and sparrow songs abound.

Write about flight. Don't you wish you could fly?

Relax and move into a world above gravity. Feather your cares to wings.

Birds never worry.

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Enjoy Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Watch the video to enjoy the diversity of birds and wildlife.