Thursday, May 12, 2016

La Jolla Nursery of Brandt's Cormorants

Brandt's cormorants create their nests in colonies. The males choose the nest site and display to ward off rivals and attract a mate. 

Displays include drawing head back with blue throat pouch extended and bill pointed upward. They spread the tail and flutter wings. They also thrust head forward and downward in rapid repeated strokes. 

This year, the cormorants have created their colony on the steep slope at the La Jolla Cove. They form a nest in a mound shape made from seaweed, eelgrass and algae held together by droppings. 

The male collects the nest material from underwater. The female does most of building.

They lay two to three eggs. Hatching times vary in the colony.

Hatchlings are fed a variety of seafood by regurgitation.

As the hatchlings grow, the breezes carry their squawking.

Now the crowding begins as the nestlings grow and compete for food.

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